To my family, hello. Thank you for reading this and supporting me with this and every other project I’ve asked for help with. Your unwavering support is overwhelming and I am forever grateful for the hours you’ve spent editing various papers for me. For anyone else reading this who isn’t part of my family, I’m flattered and thank you. Not sure what you did to find this blog, but I appreciate you taking the time to flip through the photos and maybe actually read a thing or two on here as well.

A little about me, my name is Parker Webb. I grew up in Montana and was very fortunate enough to learn how to climb and ski through a program called the Junior Mountaineering Team. This team, put on by the Montana Mountaineering Association, had a large impact on my life. I feel that the way I approach every aspect of my life has been directly shaped by this program. The mentors I had exposed me to the way I want to live in relation to the outdoors and how I want to maintain a balance for these passions and other areas of my life.

After high school, I lived in rural Nepal working on a farm for nine months. This was the second most pivotal aspect of my development for the life I want to live. My focus through college was directly effected, studying cultural and medical anthropology with the hope of working in Nepal conducting research and helping with rural village planning. Or something similar, it is not nearly set in stone at this point in my life.

The name of this blog is not asinine or trying to be quaint. The way I view it, the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we write are based merely on observations. We build ourselves through experiences, both light and heavy, and those directly impact how we interact with others and how we shape our view of the world. I’ve always enjoyed the quote by Chad Kellogg, “The story you tell yourself becomes your reality.” How we interpret what we see, what we feel, what happens around us, only gains value when we give it value. Keep that in mind with this blog: these ramblings, these thoughts of mine, are solely observations. I’m not pretending to be right or wrong, nor do I care whether I am. These are my perceptions and this blog primarily exists as an avenue for me to continue practicing and crafting my writing.

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